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Mexican Pink is a Personal Project I developed exploring my personal background and the craft and color from Mexico where I was born and raised.

It is named after the purplish pink color that is used in Mexico for magenta, considered an element of National Identity and a symbol of Mexican charisma, coming from an ancestral pigment it is frequently found in crafts, architecture and all decorative arts.

Since I was a child I always loved to create things with my hands. Besides developing my photographic skills through the years, my work has always had a big weight on handcrafted props and sets. The big tradition on color, arts, crafts and flavors I grew up with has influenced the subjects I represent in my imagery.

I was invited to speak at OFFF CDMX Creative Conference and I was asked to develop a series of visuals to be used as the Festival Identity. I used everyday elements that are very familiar for every Mexican and I played with their visual possibilities.

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