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Kaledible is an edible visual experience with a synesthetic approach that teases your eyes and at the same time stimulates your other senses, all while toying with your perceptions.

This series is an exploration of “Food porn” and how visual language is regularly used to portray food in a striking and appetizing way. Ranging from a feast of sugar and carbs to a gluttonous, mouth-watering showcase of iconic fast food – these films directly connect with your deepest culinary desires.

The word “kaleidoscope” comes from the Greek: kalos meaning “beauty”; eidos “what is seen: form, shape”; and skopeo “to look, to see”; ultimately meaning “the observation of beautiful forms”. All four artworks follow the main principles of a kaleidoscope: two or more mirrors at an angle, showing different perspectives of the subject through repeated reflections.

The different food items are distorted by their own reflections, which endlessly cut and repeat the images. Meanwhile, the representation of reality is equally distorted through the staged nature of the compositions and the use of a range of food styling tricks.

The series was auctioned at Nifty Gateway on 15th July 2022

Concept and execution by Paloma Rincón

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