I´m a  Madrid based, Mexican born photographer working worldwide, from commercial assignments for big companies to more experimental and personal projects.

I create visual games in the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design, instalation or illustration. With a playful and contemporary aesthetic  approach, the resulting images showcase interesting worlds where shapes, textures, materials, lights and color blend together living in harmony inside fine, rich, and detailed graphic compositions. My quirky images are marked by bold colours, graphic compositions and unexpected juxtapositions. The virtual and the real worlds integrate in a totally natural fashion erasing the boundaries of tactile and digital.  My dynamic still life photographies combine an accurate use of technique and the creativity of a craftsman.

Products, props, and sometimes people are approached with a unique point of view. A very meticulous process where elements change meaning building completely new compositions. Playing with reality, the beauty of handcraft recovers its value and magic.

“Her work updates the tradition of the still life to the digital, advertising age. And it’s so hashtag aesthetic— no momento mori here; instead, Rincón is interested in bright colors and fascinating forms, with palpable textures and absurd juxtapositioning. She’s a photographer, but also the author of the formal compositions her lens captures”

–The Creators Project – VICE


Conferences and Masterclasses:

  • OFFF 18 BCN. Barcelona. May 2018 (UPCOMING)
  • DeHache. Queretaro, Mexico. April 2018 (UPCOMING)
  • OFFF MX. Mexico City. October 2017
  • Blanc Festival. Barcelona, October 2016
  • Reset C. CdeC. San Sebastian. April 2016
  • Caixa Forum Zaragoza. January 2016
  • Brief Festival. Madrid. October 2015
  • -ING Creative Conference. Dubai, March 2015
  • Mr. Marcel School. March 2014
  • Cultura Visual, TLP. Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2013
  • OFFF Barcelona. June 2013
  • Visuelt, Oslo. May 2013
  • Grid Festival, Estambul. May 2013
  • Beyonderground, Hasset. April 2013
  • Escuela Superior de diseño de Aragón. Zaragoza 2013
  • Cerveira Creative Camp. Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal. July 2012
  • Zink! Madrid. February 2012



  • Madrid Photo Fest. March, 2018
  • La Maquina. Photo School. June 2017
  • La Maquina. Photo School. June 2016
  • Sociedad Fotográfica Alavesa. Vitoria 2016
  • Workshopexperience. Madrid 2016
  • Domestika. 2016 and ongoing
  • Modulo Bodegón. Master Experto en Fotografía. UCAM 2016
  • -ING Creative Conference. Dubai. March 2015
  • OFFF Barcelona. June 2013
  • Visuelt, Oslo. May 2013
  • Creative Still Life. Aula Imagenat Madrid October 2012
  • Cerveira Creative Camp. Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal. July 2012



  • Sex for Breakfast. Adda & Taxie Gallery, Paris. December 2017
  • Freezing Flowers. Mercado Central de Diseño. Matadero, Madrid. December 2017
  • We Eat Design. Matadero, Madrid. November 2017
  • One World. Zingst Festival. Germany 2017
  • Décalage Immediat. Galerie Sakura. Paris October 2016
  • Dual & Bisections. Group Exhibition. Photo Bangkok 2015
  • Extrabold. Exhibition. Madrid 2012
  • This is Now. Exhibition. Oslo 2012
  • Design Walk. Open Studio. October 2011
  • Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo. Projection. Albarracin 2011
  • Dia C, Club de Creativos. Exhibition.  Zaragoza 2011
  • It´s a Plus: Paloma Rincón + Sergio del Puerto. Espacio Espora. Madrid 2010.
  • Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo. Projection. Albarracin 2005


Books, Interviews & Features:

  • Foto Pro Magazine. Winter 2017
  • Basic Magazine. Summer 2017
  • Estetica Magazine. Summer 2017
  • Creators. Vice. Artist feature, July 2017
  • Die Photographie. January 2017. Print Magazine Artist Feature
  • The British Journal of Photography. November 2016. Print Magazine Artist Feature
  • The Creators Project. Vice. Interview 2016
  • Gestalten. Blog Feature. 2016
  • Fubiz. Feature. 2015
  • Trendland. Blog Feature. 2015
  • IdN World. Blog Feature 2015
  • Partfaliaz. Blog Feature 2015
  • Extrabold. Serialcut. Index Book 2012
  • MidFi. Indexbook. 2011
  • Hand Made 3D. Index Book. 2010
  • Urban Art Book. Plural. 2008
  • Tactile. Die Gestalten Verlag. 2007

Member of the X-rite Coloratti Group